This is not a picture of Mike Brown


You may have seen it on your friends’ Facebook feeds, with comments ranging from “thug” to “piece of shit.”

It is not Mike Brown.


Although the picture displayed above continued to circulate on sites like Facebook and Twitter after August
2014, it had been exposed as inaccurate almost immediately after it began spreading. The circulation of the photo was traced back to Kansas City, Missouri, officer Marc Catron, who posted the photograph to Facebook in August 2014 and stated, “I’m sure young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood. I’m sure he is a pillar of the Ferguson community.”

The photograph was not one of Michael Brown, but of Joda Cain, a young man who was arrested and charged in Oregon with a murder unrelated to any of the events in Ferguson. It’s not clear whether Catron mistook Cain for Brown or whether the misidentification was deliberate.

Immediately after Catron posted the image of Joda Cain to Facebook with the claim that the photo was of Mike Brown, a local CBS affiliate reported Catron’s actions were under “internal review.” It’s unknown whether Catron faced any disciplinary action as a result, but the officer removed his Facebook page at the time of the initial controversy back in August 2014.

If you see it anywhere, please comment with this information. Don’t let this lie go unanswered.

2 thoughts on “This is not a picture of Mike Brown

  1. Who benefits from inciting these riots? The racist asshole cops, Who collect nine million dollars in overtime pay.

    Fuck the Pigs. Should have been done long ago.

  2. The funny thing about the Right, a group most cops identify with, in this country is that they always blame the victim. In all of the paperwork presented to the Ferguson grand jury officer Wilson was listed as the victim. The dead, unarmed kid was named as the prep. On the FOX War Network the victims of racism are reported as being the criminal rioters and looters. They also claim that Obama is, with malice and aforethought, trying to start a race war. Hitler sent his Brown Shirts out to burn down the Reichstag in February, 1933 so that he could blame the destruction on the Left. When the deed was done a communist was blamed and Hitler rounded up thousands of socialists and communists and threw them into prison. The Right has historically lied and used false flag operations to maintain power. And so it is with this NOT a picture of Mike Brown.

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