Bernie unveils his economic plan

Sen Bernie Sanders  Rep John Conyers Progressive Round Table

Bernie Sanders revealed his economic plan on the floor of the Senate yesterday:

Sen. Sanders said, “Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy?…Today, millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages. In inflation-adjusted dollars, the median male worker earned $783 less last year than he made 41 years ago. The median female worker made $1,337 less last year than she earned in 2007. Since 1999, household income for the median middle-class family is less than it was a quarter century ago. We once led the world in terms of the percentage of our people who graduated college, but we are now in 12th place. Our infrastructure, once the envy of the world, is collapsing. Real unemployment today is not 5.8 percent, it is 11.5 percent if we include those who have given up looking for work or who are working part time when they want to work full time. Youth unemployment is 18.6 percent and African-American youth unemployment is 32.6 percent.”

Sanders detailed a 12-point economic program to,

– Invest in our crumbling infrastructure with a major program to create jobs by rebuilding roads, bridges, water systems, waste water plants, airports, railroads and schools.

– Transform energy systems away from fossil fuels to create jobs while beginning to reverse global warming and make the planet habitable for future generations.

– Develop new economic models to support workers in the United States instead of giving tax breaks to corporations which ship jobs to low-wage countries overseas.

– Make it easier for workers to join unions and bargain for higher wages and benefits.

– Raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour so no one who works 40 hours a week will live in poverty.

– Provide equal pay for women workers who now make 78 percent of what male counterparts make.

– Reform trade policies that have shuttered more than 60,000 factories and cost more than 4.9 million decent-paying manufacturing jobs.

– Make college affordable and provide affordable child care to restore America’s competitive edge compared to other nations.

– Break up big banks. The six largest banks now have assets equivalent to 61 percent of our gross domestic product, over $9.8 trillion. They underwrite more than half the mortgages in the country and issue more than two-thirds of all credit cards.

– Join the rest of the industrialized world with a Medicare-for-all health care system that provides better care at less cost.

– Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs.

– Reform the tax code based on wage earners’ ability to pay and eliminate loopholes that let profitable corporations stash profits overseas and pay no U.S. federal income taxes.


Thanks to Steve Duckett, Fairfax Reckless Driving Lawyer.

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  1. A Quinniac poll last week showed that 57% of Democrats held a favorable view of Hillary, while 43% held an unfavorable view of her. Three months ago the poll showed that 67% of Democrats held a favorable view of her. The oligarchy (1%) would have us believe that Hillary is a shoe in to get the Democratic nomination and then go on to win the presidency. That’s bullshit. The Democrats are badly split because Hillary is a pro-Wall Street, pro-war candidate who does not represent the times in which we live. Bernie Sanders does reflect today’s Democratic voter. Because Sanders is an Independent his name is never listed as a possible Democratic Party candidate. So we don’t know how he matches up in a head to head with Hillary. The smart money says that he would beat her handily.

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