Sticking up for the Eagles

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Oh, if only Ed Rendell cared as much about the working class as he does about the Eagles:

TRENTON — Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell unleashed on Gov. Chris Christie’s football preferences on the radio today, calling New Jersey’s executive “pathetic” for being a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Rendell, a former two-term governor and former Philadelphia mayor, savaged Christie for his NFL allegiance to the Texas team. Christie has long made public his support for the Cowboys, saying he roots for them because he was a fan of former quarterback Roger Staubach.

That doesn’t sit well with the former Democratic governor, a die-hard fan of the Eagles, the NFL favorites of South Jersey. The Eagles and the Cowboys will play Sunday in Philadelphia.

“How can a Jersey guy be a Cowboys fan? It’s pathetic,” Rendell said today.

When the radio host jokingly asked Rendell if it’s legal to be a Cowboys fan and the governor of a New Jersey, Rendell confirmed there’s no laws against it – but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

“It’s legal but it indicates a basic inferiority complex,” he said. “If you are a Jerseyite or a Pennsylvanian and you’re rooting for the Cowboys, it means you’re not secure in yourself and you wanted to root for a team that was a team in your youth that was a constant winner.”

The host suggested Christie and the former governor duke it out.

“Tell him I think he’s nothing but a wuss,” Rendell said.

2 thoughts on “Sticking up for the Eagles

  1. Pennsylvania is filled with idiotic politicians. Nutter and Rendell are two of the most idiotic. When did the Democratic Party turn into the Republican Party in the Keystone State?

  2. He’s not defending the Eagles, he’s taking care of the owner’s interests. Gotta create controversy and keep those ticket sales up.

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