‘Liberal’ Hollywood


You know, I’m not surprised:

When hacker collective Guardians of Peace broke into Sony’s servers on November 24, hundreds of thousands of the entertainment network’s private emails became public. Reporters discovered emotional conversations between executives, plans for upcoming movies, and now, evidence of the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

In an email dated December 5, 2013, a Columbia Pictures president wrote to Sony executive Amy Pascal about how much each actor would get paid for American Hustle, The Daily Beast reports. In it, he refers to “points,” which translate to money each person will receive based on the movie’s box office performance.

While director David O. Russell, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Jeremy Renner received 9 points for American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams got 7. The email mentions that Jennifer was initially slated for 5.

The Daily Beast calls Lawrence “far and away the biggest star of the picture” because American Hustle was green lit after The Hunger Games, yet the executives don’t recognize that in their financial calculations. Pascal’s response to the points was “there is truth here.”

This disparity is apparent among Sony staffers too. When The Daily Beast analyzed the pay of the two co-presidents of production at Columbia Pictures, they found that the male president Michael De Luca made nearly $1 million more than his female counterpart Hannah Minghella.

One thought on “‘Liberal’ Hollywood

  1. It’s the Right who claims that Hollywood is a bastion of liberal thought.
    That’s what they claim about the MSM, every university and college and most newspapers and magazines as well.
    Progressives know that what the Right is really up to is warning those groups not to stray too far from the middle.
    Leftists like the Christ are simply battling the corruption on the Right.
    They are aware, as the Christ and Martin Luther King proved, that fighting against the Right can get you killed. Or worse.
    As and aside, George Clooney is an asshole. As is Clint Eastwood. Angelina Jolie is simply clueless.

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