The deep South is trying to fix GOP primary

The GOP is getting a jump-start on planning for the 2016 presidential elections; apparently, they can’t wait to decide who’s going to join such notables as McCain and Romney for the coveted position of First Loser. At this point, though, it looks like Republicans care a lot less about putting up an electable candidate than they…

3 thoughts on “The deep South is trying to fix GOP primary

  1. Democratic Representative Cedric Richmond of Louisiana, who is black, came out in support of neo-Nazi Republican Steve Scalise yesterday. Clearly Richmond is not a member of the Americans Against the Tea Party organization. Nor is he a Democrat. So who exactly does Cedric Richmond represent in congress?
    The Tea Party, as horrible as establishment Republicans believe its members are, actually performs a very valuable service to the American people. Which is keeping the Republican Party in turmoil.
    Wouldn’t it be grand if the Democratic Party had a similar anti-establish wing of activists driving it’s leadership nuts?
    Perhaps then the oligarchy (1%) wouldn’t be trying to force Hillary down our throats as the Democratic nominee.

  2. Unfortunately IMHO the anti-establishment types packed and left after the Clinton Administration and the DLC took over. There’s nothing in the wreckage that looks to be redeemable.

  3. Nothing is ever irredeemable. Talking Bernie Sanders into becoming a Democrat and taking on the Clinton machine might be where our salvation lies. Certainly Sanders would fire up the Left to become active once again. That might be all we need to make real change that we can all believe in.
    Anyone with any interest in overthrowing the leadership of the Democratic Party should communicate with Bernie. What he needs is overt support.

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