Operation ‘All Out’

From Thom Hartmann:

Max Blumenthal, Alternet/Republican Gomorrah joins Thom Hartmann. According to Max, police are openly hostile in a partisan “Operation All Out” against de Blasio. So – you have to then wonder – are the police officers turning their backs on DeBlasio because of a specific grievance with him – or are they doing it out of political motivation and coordination? And if that’s the case – shouldn’t they be fired under New York Code Section 17-110?

2 thoughts on “Operation ‘All Out’

  1. Most cops are fascists by nature and are therefore right wingers. It’s a law and order temperament. Like the Nazis.
    de Blasio is a Progressive. Sort of.
    So the cops hate his guts because he’s a “Peacenik” in their eyes. He’s soft on crime.
    Every cop with an authoritarian mentality should be fired in every police force across the country.
    What we need are fewer fascist cops and more peacenik cops.

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