A message from the dispossessed

2014 Flood Wall Street 25

Chris Hedges on the Paris massacre:

The terrorist attack in France that took place at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo was not about free speech. It was not about radical Islam. It did not illustrate the fictitious clash of civilizations. It was a harbinger of an emerging dystopia where the wretched of the earth, deprived of resources to survive, devoid of hope, brutally controlled, belittled and mocked by the privileged who live in the splendor and indolence of the industrial West, lash out in nihilistic fury.

We have engineered the rage of the dispossessed. The evil of predatory global capitalism and empire has spawned the evil of terrorism. And rather than understand the roots of that rage and attempt to ameliorate it, we have built sophisticated mechanisms of security and surveillance, passed laws that permit the targeted assassinations and torture of the weak, and amassed modern armies and the machines of industrial warfare to dominate the world by force. This is not about justice. It is not about the war on terror. It is not about liberty or democracy. It is not about the freedom of expression. It is about the mad scramble by the privileged to survive at the expense of the poor. And the poor know it.

If you spend time as I have in Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan, as well as the depressing, segregated housing projects known as banlieues that ring French cities such as Paris and Lyon, warehousing impoverished North African immigrants, you begin to understand the brothers Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, who were killed Friday in a gun battle with French police. There is little employment in these pockets of squalor. Racism is overt. Despair is rampant, especially for the men, who feel they have no purpose. Harassment of immigrants, usually done by police during identity checks, is almost constant. Police once pulled a North African immigrant, for no apparent reason, off a Paris Metro subway car I was riding in and mercilessly beat him on the platform. French Muslims make up 60 to 70 percent of the prison population in France. Drugs and alcohol beckon like sirens to blunt the pain of poor Muslim communities.

The 5 million North Africans in France are not considered French by the French. And when they go back to Algiers, Tangier or Tunis, where perhaps they were born and briefly lived, they are treated as alien outcasts. Caught between two worlds, they drift, as the two brothers did, into aimlessness, petty crime and drugs.

Becoming a holy warrior, a jihadist, a champion of an absolute and pure ideal, is an intoxicating conversion, a kind of rebirth that brings a sense of power and importance. It is as familiar to an Islamic jihadist as it was to a member of the Red Brigades or the old fascist and communist parties. Converts to any absolute ideal that promises to usher in a utopia adopt a Manichaean view of history rife with bizarre conspiracy theories. Opposing and even benign forces are endowed with hidden malevolence. The converts believe they live in a binary universe divided between good and evil, the pure and the impure. As champions of the good and the pure they sanctify their own victimhood and demonize all nonbelievers. They believe they are anointed to change history. And they embrace a hypermasculine violence that is viewed as a cleansing agent for the world’s contaminants, including those people who belong to other belief systems, races and cultures. This is why France’s far right, organized around Marine Le Pen, the leader of the anti-immigrant Front National, has so much in common with the jihadists whom Le Pen says she wants to annihilate.

4 thoughts on “A message from the dispossessed

  1. It boils down to this: the 1% has far too much of everything—-money, power, control—-and the 99% doesn’t have enough.
    The solution is quite simple: end the reign of the 1%.
    Either we will do it ourselves right here in America or it will be done for us.
    If we do it it won’t be nearly as violent or bloody.
    As a matter of fact it could be quite peaceful. After all we have the overwhelming numbers when it comes to manpower.

  2. I tried to explain this to my conservative father back when the Gulf War happened – he was completely oblivious to the poverty and powerlessness of the Iraqi people as a whole. I was appalled at what we did then – so you can imagine how I felt in 2003 when Junior took a turn at beating that country down again.

    We’ve created these terrorists ourselves.

  3. And the Zionists have been creating these terrorists since 1948.
    Which would be bad enough except that they accelerated the process by stealing Jerusalem after the 6 Day War.
    No one can claim with a straight face that Israel didn’t order the invasion of both Afghanistan and then Iraq.
    That Cheney saw an opportunity to grab all of that oil in the process only made the deal all that much more enticing.
    Whoever believes that our political system isn’t corrupt to the bone is simply whistling past the coming graveyard.

  4. I misread the header and the cognitive dissonance sent me back in two sentences. Chris Hayes will never have this insight.

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