VIDEO: Jerry Seib: Elizabeth Warren’s Two Paths

Elizabeth Warren has sunk Antonio Weiss, the Wall Street nominee for Treasury:

WASHINGTON — Wall Street banker Antonio Weiss has asked President Barack Obama not to renominate him to a top Treasury Department post because of the fight being waged against him by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and other Democrats.

First reported by Politico, Weiss wrote to Obama over the weekend saying that he didn’t think the Treasury Department “would be well served” by the lengthy confirmation process his nomination would likely entail, given the level of Democratic opposition he has faced. Weiss, who had initially been nominated as undersecretary for domestic finance, has instead accepted a job as a counselor to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, a post that doesn’t require congressional approval.

“I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me, and I look forward to being a strong advocate for your economic policy agenda as a member of your Administration,” Weiss says in his letter.

White House spokeswoman Jennifer Friedman confirmed in a statement to The Huffington Post that Weiss asked not to be renominated to the third-highest Treasury post because he didn’t want to be “a distraction” for the administration.

One thought on “Boom

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if Senator Warren could sink the 9 Democrats who voted with 54 Republicans yesterday to advance the Keystone pipeline bill? Who were those 9? Does anyone know?
    It is also sad that the wrong Democratic Senator, Barbara Boxer of California, is leaving the Senate and not Diane Feinstein? Boxer is a real loss for the Left.
    Feinstein on the other hand isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.
    On Sunday she said this, “This man (Petraeus) has suffered enough, in my view. He’s a four-star general of our generation. He made a mistake. He lost his job as CIA director because of it. I mean, how much do you want to punish someone?”
    It’s people like Sen. Diane Feinstein who need to be removed from government because her allegiance is to the oligarchy and not the people.

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