It’s not easy being a neo-Nazi


Although I imagine it’s a lot easier than it used to be!

Robert Ransdell, the neo-Nazi who ran for U.S. Senate in Kentucky last year under the slogan “With Jews We Lose” – he didn’t win, by the way – was arrested in the Blue Grass State as he prepared to protest a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event in the small city of Florence.

Ransdell, who was carrying a sign that read, “Happy Machin’ Lootin’ Killin’ Day,” was taken away by police on Monday shortly before the event was scheduled to begin at 3 p.m., a spokesman for the Florence Police Department told Hatwatch today. Ransdell was charged with trespassing in a city owned government building.

“I feel depressed at the fact that I was arrested,” Ransdell told the neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer. “I have been able to walk that line over the years and it is something I have taken pride in, getting out there balls to the wall and at the same time not being shackled for doing so.”

Ransdell said he was arrested after police – “agents of the Jew-Negro Occupation government,” according to the website – asked him to leave the building and he refused. “It was just the record of token harassment I have got from this city in particular for my political activity in the past,” he said, “that moved me to just refuse to be bullied around anymore.”

2 thoughts on “It’s not easy being a neo-Nazi

  1. A few days ago Senator Lindsey Graham said that we all need to understand the definition of words.
    Neo-Nazi is a “new Nazi.” A neo-con is a new con… wait, a “new conservative.”
    But what’s a Nazi? A member of the National Socialist German Workers Party. How do you suppose they got Nazi out of that? Interestingly enough their are a group of European Jews called the Ashkenazi. Maybe calling everybody a Nazi was one of Hitler’s sick little jokes? Or maybe it’s something else?
    Clearly Robert Ransdell isn’t a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party. That political party only exists in the minds of lunatics these days. So what Ransdell is, is a straight up anti-Semetic fascist. And probably a conservative, Republican bigot to boot.

  2. I am troubled by this arrest. I don’t know what Ransdell was actually doing, but we are charging protesters with crimes in more and more public venues these days. In my home town they will arrest if you try to hand out any printed matter other than the approved agenda in the Council Chambers. You are required to leave City Hall and exit the doors to hand out materials outside. That ought to be unconstitutional.

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