David Corn says liberals should embrace the new Mitt as a reasonable (if completely insincere) voice in the Republican party:

It is time for liberals to cheer Mitt Romney.

Not because his possible entry into the 2016 Republican presidential contest could cause chaos for the GOP. But because Romney, apparently seeing the error of his“severely conservative” ways, has become a progressive crusader. Initial news reports noted that Romney was telling Republicans privately that should he mount a third presidential bid he would run to the right of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, an all-but-announced contender. Yet in public remarks, Romney has been sounding like a born-again lefty. At an investment management conference in Utah this week, Romney told the crowd that a new-and-improved candidate Romney would focus on climate change, poverty, and education.

Yes, climate change, poverty, and education. In a bizarre Freaky Friday sort of way, Romney appears to have been body-snatched—perhaps by the ghost of Ted Kennedy. He declared, “I’m one of those Republicans who thinks we are getting warmer and that we contribute to that,” he said of climate change. And he called for global agreements to curb greenhouse gas emissions, slamming the US government for having failed to achieve such accords. “Let’s deal with poverty,” he also proclaimed. “Have we done it? No. Let’s do it.” And to improve education, he urged more pay for teachers.

Romney, who has long had to contend with the charge that he is a serial flip-flopper, has gone far beyond the usual politically convenient change of course. It’s almost as if he has converted to Islam. What’s next? Supporting gay rights, gun control, and abortion rights? (Or, in his case, going back to supporting gay rights, gun control, and abortion rights.) In any event, this latest Mittamorphosis is a stunner, for three years ago, when he had the chance as a presidential nominee to call for climate change action and measures that directly help the poor, Romney chose not to. In fact, he did the opposite. Let’s review his short strange trip.

5 thoughts on “Mittamorphosis!

  1. David Corn is becoming a very irritating fellow.
    We’re all waiting with bated breath to see exactly how Mitt would “deal with poverty.” Being a venture Capitalist he has limited options available to him.
    To shake things up maybe Mitt will chose a Democrat as his running mate. Perhaps a snake like Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey? After all both Mitt and Democrat Menendez share the Zionist view of Netanyahu that Iran should be bombed and not negotiated with.
    Mitt might also explain to us why Israel has such sway on US foreign policy? And why Boner was cowed into inviting Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress during his reelection bid? A speech we all know will be a call to war against Iran.
    Maybe Mitt can explain why it’s ridiculous for the Left to argue that the Zionists (AIPAC) play an abnormal role in both US domestic politics and foreign policy?
    Corn could explain to Mitt that if he does claim that the Left is wrong and ridiculous he will lose the presidency for the third time.
    Maybe Mitt could then run for to be the Prime Minister of Israel?

  2. Well, as I said on many occasions, the acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree, and Mitt’s father was a true Liberal. George Romney. That doesn’t mean I voted for him, wither as president or as governor of this state, But what he says may be what he has to say to get the Republican nomination. I think the problem I have with Mitt is do I really rtrust my theory. I voted Republican once before, for Ed Brooke who was a REAL Liberal. And I think Mitt is driven by the desire to fulfill a wish his father was unsuccessful with, to be President of the US.

  3. No Capitalist can honestly be called a Liberal. Democrat or Republican. Even Ed Brooke, who can easily be defined as an “Oreo” or an “Uncle Tom,” was no Liberal because he was a Capitalist.

  4. Wowsie – he looks like Frankenstein in that picture!

    What politicians say isn’t worth the spit they used to say it. Witness our very own hope and change snake oil salesman.

  5. It’s hard to bring actual hope and real change to a village full of idiots. That’s what Hillary is counting on in 2016. Being able to sell herself to the village idiots that is.

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