One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. To add a pinch of spice to this. The Pensacola Navy base is one massive place with lots of unusual stuff constantly going on.
    All military installations throughout the US have historically been black holes where even the military personnel assigned to them don’t know what’s really going on.
    Let’s take the Son of Sam case (1976-1977) for example. The Carr family played a big role in the Son of Sam story and in the life of David Berkowitz. There was the Carr’s dog who gave instructions to Berkowitz before each murder, Sam Carr and his two sons, especially John. John, a Satanist, was David’s close friend. In 1979 John died of a shotgun blast to his head on an air force base in North Dakota.
    That relates to the murder of Arliss Perry in 1974. Perry was from North Dakota. His body was found systematically and symbolically mutilated in a Stanford University campus chapel in California on October 12, 1974. That’s Aleister Crowley’s birthday.
    David Berkowitz knew all about these murders and others involving William Mentzer, Roy Radin, and the rape of “Welcome Back Kotter” actress Melanie Hallor.
    The rest of this tale another time.

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