If Comcast’s CEO had sucked up to Teddy Roosevelt

"Did I hear you right? You want Time-Warner? You're a funny guy, Roberts.
‘Did I hear you right? You want Time Warner, too? You’re a funny guy, Roberts.’

Swamp Rabbit had an interesting thought today. You’ve got to wonder, he said, how many media companies Comcast CEO Brian Roberts would have gobbled up if recent U.S. presidents hadn’t been stooges for big business.

Net neutrality is only one of Comcast’s big battles right now: the other is getting approval for its merger with Time Warner Cable. Here, too, Comcast’s lobbyists have close connections in Washington. In fact, the [Wall Street] Journal reports that Comcast actually invited a senior antitrust official with the Justice Department to a party a month before it announced the merger. The official declined. Comcast has also had a relationship with President Obama for some time now. The Journal reports that Comcast employees contributed $337,000 to his reelection campaign and that he’s gone golfing with Roberts.

Imagine Roberts sucking up to Teddy Roosevelt in order to acquire even more riches and power. The rabbit thinks the bull moose, speaking softly, would have denounced Roberts as a malefactor of great wealth, then hit him over the head with a big 5-iron.

“You’re way off,” I said. “Golf is the sport of corrupt cornballs. Teddy Roosevelt didn’t play golf. He played real sports, the kind that get your heart rate up.”

“Whatever,’ the rabbit replied. “Point is, there wouldn’t be no so-called relationship with Roberts. There would be a law against him.”

Footnote: Being a monopoly means never having to say you’re sorry when thousands of customers say you suck.

2 thoughts on “If Comcast’s CEO had sucked up to Teddy Roosevelt

  1. Except for a precious few pols, today’s DC eclected and those in most states, believe that those of great wealth have proven themselves to be among God’s favored and are thus incapable of being considered “malefactors” of anything.

    Money makes their world go round.

  2. Welladay. I did not hit “Send.”

    I was in the process of adding that the lack of fair distribution of wealth grinds the rest of relentlessly toward poverty.

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