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asshole rush limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh, who believes that since he’s happy to coast in his job, so is everyone else:

I can’t tell you the number of times a record or major snow storm has been forecast — this year alone — I was just trying to think last night, trying to recall a couple of instances where they forecast something that is going to be really, really bad, and it hasn’t even come close to being, not even close to bad, much less really, really bad. And not just in New York but elsewhere around the country. It’s been a horrible, horrible year for forecasts. And the reason is, if i can cut to the quick, the left has corrupted everything. Just like the left has corrupted the professoriate, the faculty at major institutions of higher learning, the left has populated all of these bureaucracies. The Department of Commerce runs the National Weather Service, and do not believe that they’re not politicized. Look at after Hurricane Katrina, look at the very next hurricane season, global warming was responsible for Katrina and that meant Katrina was just the first many that were going to follow.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Aside from being an asshole, which he has always been, Rush is an entertainer. A very, very, very well paid entertainer. He’s almost a billionaire.
    But Rush isn’t an asshole because he’s a well paid entertainer. No, he’s an asshole because he doesn’t believe a word that he’s saying.
    Rush gave up on everything in life except the pursuit of money long ago. In order to make all that money Rush made a pact with the devil. He would say anything that the devil wanted him to say, no matter how outrageous or false, in exchange for lots of money.
    Because America is full of fools, Rush goes on and on and on.

  2. Haven’t Rush’s sponsors all ditched him yet? I thought he was spiraling down the toilet – wishful thinking I guess.

  3. Blimpbaugh for President!
    (Or at least Weatherman.)
    Now that Gov. Crispy is melting down to nothing on his surgically created diet, we need a guy who knows how to throw his weight around.

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