It always amazes me

Boston post Blizzard
That when weather forecasters get one big story wrong out of the hundreds they do every year, people stop believing anything they say.

Forecasters said all along that it was hard to tell just where the blizzard line would be this week, yet people act as if they simply made the whole storm up — for “ratings.” We’re supposed to get snow today and Sunday night, but people now refuse to believe it. Because freedom!

3 thoughts on “It always amazes me

  1. If the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states used a cone of uncertainty when predicting the path of a storm like the South uses for predicting a hurricanes point of landfall, much of the confusion and disbelief would disappear.
    “The only certainties in life are death and taxes.” Except for the 1% who have already figured out a way to not pay taxes and are working on a way to cheat death.

  2. I know right? I live in Atlanta and that’s all I heard on Weather Channel – it might go here or it might miss. They even diagrammed out various scenarios of where that storm might go.

    Meteorologists save lives and we should be grateful. Instead we call them “geeks”. And misogynist felons who play football are “heroes”.

  3. Absolutely, Nicely! I live in Atlanta, too. Though the weather people get it wrong sometimes I err on the side of caution, because it is true; people down here do not know how to drive in frozen precipitation. I am proud of the tradition of just staying home, if I can, during a snow or ice event.
    But, I don’t like the Weather Channel anymore since it was bought out by NBC.

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