This is your brain on Facebook

I know people who spend much of their waking hours on Facebook, which I don’t understand. I read it for the jokes!

The 2014 social media update from the Pew Research Center showed Facebook continues to be the most popular of the social media sites. Though platform growth has slowed, the level of user engagement has increased, researchers said. Seventy percent of Facebook users engage with the site daily while 45 percent do so several times a day…

One thought on “This is your brain on Facebook

  1. Facebook is like a loaded gun. It’s not deadly until you pull the trigger.
    The president is releasing his budget this week. According to the Republicans he treats the wealthy badly in it. The GOP preference is for more austerity and lower taxes for the rich. They want to boost the budget for the Pentagon by slashing the budget for food stamps, health care and other domestic safety-net programs.
    The ball is in the Democrats court.

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