2 thoughts on “Other people’s money

  1. Chris Christie is a scumbag. Just like every other Republican politician.
    Speaking of scumbags, Marco Rubio has the backing of the Koch brothers and their money machine.
    That’s bad news for Scott Walker and Jeb Bush.
    The good news for the Democrats is that any candidate that the party nominates will win the WH in 2016.
    Of course if Hillary weren’t such a weak candidate the Big Money wouldn’t be backing a weasel like Rubio.
    Six months ago Hillary had the support of 64% of Democrats. Today only 55% support her. A nine point drop.
    Thirty days after Hillary announces her candidacy her popularity will decline by another 9 percentage points among Democrats (to 46%). Bet on it.
    Bernie Sanders in 2016.

  2. How does Crispy continue getting away with his not-so-petty chiseling and conflicts-of-interest?
    Why hasn’t he been forced to reimburse the feds and the state for his high-on-the-hog (so to speak) capers?
    Why is he eating $128 (minimum) meals when he can’t digest them due to his lap-band surgery?
    What is his target weight for the crash diet?
    And why am I using so many hyphens and question marks?

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