Isn’t it great that people get to express themselves

gun love

And their every powerful emotion with these convenient weapons?

DOUGLAS COUNTY — ATLANTA, Ga. — A gunman has shot six people west of Atlanta, killing four, including a 7-year-old child.

The shooters identity has not been released. He shot six people before he shot and killed himself, said Douglas County Coroner Randy Daniel.

The 7-year-old, two adults and another minor were killed. Two children sustained life-threatening injuries.
Daniel told CNN that investigators were “still trying to sort this out” when asked whether the gunman and his victims were related.

One thought on “Isn’t it great that people get to express themselves

  1. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what happens if Clinton came out and said that we should ban all handguns? Wouldn’t her political career end at that moment?
    The gun issue is about violence in our society. It is not about guns.
    Obama’s budget calls for spending $51 billion dollars next year to fight the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. His budget also calls for spending $61 billion dollars over 10 years $6 billion dollars each year) to subsidize college tuition.
    We all know that Obama will get every dollar that he wants and probably more to kill people, but he won’t get a red cent to educate them.
    Until our priorities change as a society even the elimination of guns won’t stop the violence and death.

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