Living in the past

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I don’t know why, but for the past year or so, I’ve been trying to replace various things I remember from my past: A bottle of Tweed cologne, because it reminds me of my mother. The ’69 Toyota Corona that was my favorite car, ever. (God, I loved that car!) A bulky Peruvian sweater my husband bought me for my birthday, a pair of earrings I got from a friend. Sometimes I think I would actually kill for this dress I owned with I was 15, a blue dress with caped sleeves and white stars all over it.

And of course it’s not the things themselves. It’s the memories attached to them. Why are they so important now? I guess because I’m old enough now that I’m in the part where I’m looking back.

2 thoughts on “Living in the past

  1. Not everyone looks backwards even if they enjoyed the hell out of “then.”
    “You can’t go home again” because we are not now what we were then. Our perceptions have changed. Or should have. What was important then is no longer important. What we find important today we never saw coming.
    We, all of us, create our own realities as we go along. And we all know, or should have realized at some point, that our realities are all illusionary anyway.
    What is real for me, or for you, today will become a distant memory when the new reality of tomorrow takes its place.
    The preceding was useless drivel to those who have already gone mad.

  2. I not only look back I collect vintage housewares, books, textiles, furniture and more. When I was 12 in 1967, I got this fabulous white dress with a sheer organdy overlay dotted with big orange polka-dots. Sounds awful but it was really pretty. It was for my 6th grade graduation. Parents! Save some of your kid’s special clothes!

    I did manage to salvage my older sister’s burgundy crushed velvet hot pants….LOL

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