Don’t be silly

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's Administration Facing New Criminal Investigation

Of course he did!

A plan to bring one of the world’s largest online gambling companies to Atlantic City has seemingly stalled, and some critics are pointing their fingers at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and Sheldon Adelson, a billionaire casino mogul and one of the GOP’s most influential donors.

Adelson has a reputation as a man whose money can make or break a presidential campaign, and Christie is widely seen as a likely 2016 hopeful. Their relationship made headlines last week after revelations showed Adelson had lent the governor his plane.

Christie’s office told Business Insider it is “nonsensical” to say he interfered with the deal, which a local union leader claimed would bring about 1,000 desperately needed jobs to the troubled Garden State gambling destination. However, one influential Democratic lawmaker suggested the New Jersey Legislature should potentially consider investigating the issue.

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  1. Like every other free-market Capitalist, Adelson pays lip service to the wonder of competition while he secretly maneuvers to crate a monopoly situation for his own business. In Adelson’s case that’s gambling.
    Christie is a corrupt, gluttonous politician who should sleep with the fishes.

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