Damn it’s cold

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I’m trying to work up enough motivation to go out and start my car so the battery doesn’t die, but it’s 0 degrees and I’m not feeling it yet.

Here in the urban hellhole, when we have an extended deep freeze, our 150-year-old infrastructure starts blowing up: water mains and gas pipes.

I feel for the people who are forced out of their homes in the middle of the night, or the ones who are home without heat of water. Thanks, Republicans! Imagine if we’d replaced those pipes instead of giving tax cuts to rich people.

2 thoughts on “Damn it’s cold

  1. 20,000 protesters gathered in Athens, Greece yesterday to condemn austerity. Protesters denounced the IMF, the EU and other creditors in dozens of other cities in Greece and across Europe, Brazil, Australia and the U.S.

    On Friday the IMF loaned Ukraine $16.5 billion dollars setting that country up for political and economic failure.

  2. You take care Suzi. What with robber barons wandering the landscape like death machines from War of the Worlds, I worry about you Yankees out there in the far east. Ounce of prevention and all that shit.

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