Now there are six

Bill O’Reilly’s war reporting called into question

Six news colleagues saying Bill O’Reilly lied about war coverage.

There are now a half a dozen journalists and personnel from CBS who were working O’Reilly on the ground in Buenos Aires who dispute his claims.

The evidence suggests that Bill O’Reilly is lying. Brian Williams got suspended for six months without pay for doing the same thing that O’Reilly. Both men exaggerated events to make them appear to be more dangerous. The difference is that NBC News is interested in journalism. Fox News isn’t.

The next step in Fox News’s defense of O’Reilly will likely be to call him a commentator, not a journalist, but O’Reilly tries to sell himself as a journalist on a nightly basis on Fox News. A large veterans group is calling for O’Reilly to be taken off the air. The media is afraid of Fox News and O’Reilly, but the hypocrisy must stop.

 Brian Williams was suspended and taken off of the air. Fox News must do the same to Bill O’Reilly.

Reminds me of that old Irish toast: “What is an Irishman? First of all, he’s a man with so much respect for the truth, he uses it only on special occasions!”

3 thoughts on “Now there are six

  1. Bill is a liar and should be fired. Simply compare what he’s said to the actual facts. He defends himself by attacking his accusers.
    That’s the same modus operandi that the Clinton’s employ.
    The Clinton Foundation has raised $2 Billion dollars since it was set up. Where did that money come from? How was it spent?
    We know that the Clinton’s pent $6 million on travel in 2014. Was any of that money spent on Hillary’s travel expenses to and from the venues where she made political speech’s while NOT running for president?
    Maybe this is the best charity ever. But rather then attacking the people who have legitimate questions about what that $2 Billion was spent on, let’s have a full and transparent accounting instead.

  2. “Fox News must do the same to Bill O’Reilly.” I assume people remember that Fox went to court to defend their right to lie to viewers? BillO’s just doin what Morlach pays him to do, lie through his teeth.

  3. I don’t remember that Fox went to court to defend their right to lie to viewers.
    Could you please fill me in?

    Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires thing is starting to get interesting. Maybe Bill-O will wind up with some lasting scars on his falafel.

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