Soda’s caramel coloring will give you cancer


Soda is the second most popular drink in the United States, and it’s because children and adults alike are gulping down copious amounts of bubbly artificial liquids without a realistic sense of health consequences. Research scientists at Consumer Reports teamed up with the Center for a Livable Future at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public…

2 thoughts on “Soda’s caramel coloring will give you cancer

  1. Anything that you consume in “significant amounts” will give you cancer or something worse. Too much TLC and Johnny will grow him some breasts.
    Isn’t it far more likely that breathing in CO2 emissions from car exhausts on a daily basis will cause more cancer cases then drinking caramel colored cola? Except, maybe if you drink a lot of Malta Goya.
    Should the soft drink companies eliminate 4-Mel from our beverages? Certainly and the sooner the better.
    Should we force Big Oil by law to stop selling carbon based products? Absolutely and today.

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