The deadly embrace of the Republican right wing

You probably didn’t know there was any room for Scott Walker to move any further to the right, but by golly, he’s found it! Believe it or not, this isn’t good news for the Republicans. Because any steps they continue to take to appease extreme GOP primary voters only make that minority faction even more powerful…

2 thoughts on “The deadly embrace of the Republican right wing

  1. Keeping in mind that the Republican Right in America is just as fascist as it is in any other country, Scott’s move away from the center makes sense. It was Poppy Bush who embraced and then brought into the Republican Party the militant, neo-Nazi John Birchers in Texas when he first ran for Congress there in 1962. That was a coup for Daddy Koch. The Republicans have a long history of supporting fascist leaders and embracing their causes.

    Unfortunately the fascist disease seems to have infected the Democratic Party as well lately.
    Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have scheduled a private, closed-door meeting with fascist, Zionist Netanyahu next week on Capital Hill. Yesterday the right wing allies of Netanyahu in Israel threatened any Democrat boycotting his speech before a joint session of congress next week with “dire consequences.”
    Would any pro-Zionist in the audience like to explain the utter gall of these two bit politicians in the backwater called Israel in threatening our politicians? Contemptuous pricks.

  2. I’m afraid there’s no such thing as too crazy or too stupid for the genetically malformed Rethug brain As long as the 1% media treats them like they’re sane, they’ll continue to spout the most moronic drivel. Witness the mook who just pondered the feasibility of conducting vaginal exams by the patient swallowing a miniature camera. There’s not enough faces or palms . . .

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