Insurers try to silence Hurricane Sandy victims

This is a pic I took when we were helping NYC after hurricane sandy. This is some of the resulting damage.

Insurance carriers that administer the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program are asking Hurricane Sandy victims to keep quiet about allegations of fraudulently altered engineering reports. In exchange for settling claims with FEMA, the private insurers want homeowners to give up their right to cooperate in any state or federal investigations. Steve Mostyn, an…

2 thoughts on “Insurers try to silence Hurricane Sandy victims

  1. Mr. Mostyn should negotiate a silence premium for his clients if the idiot attorney for the insurers actually thinks any court in the country (short of maybe Texas) will enforce that provision. Always take free money!

  2. First Al Capone would stroll through your font door and tell you to pay up or something bad could happen to your business. His men would be stop by once a week to collect the “insurance premium” he’d tell you.
    Then when something did happen Al would stop by and tell you to forgetaboutit because your policy didn’t cover the damages, then tell you to fork over next weeks payment.
    Nothing much has changed in the game from then until now except the names on those giant buildings are different. Nationwide instead of Capone.

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