If you live in PA, call your state reps

Mike Stack sworn in as Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor

As you can see with this vote, elections do have consequences! Let’s not let them turn Pennsylvania into Wisconsin, no matter how many Koch-loving hacks we have in the state house:

An attempt to pass a controversial amendment to a bill that would restrict union dues collection from state and school employees’ paychecks narrowly failed in the state Senate on Monday.

But most likely, we haven’t seen the last of this amendment to this so-called paycheck protection bill.

Immediately after Lt. Gov. Mike Stack cast his first tie-breaking vote to defeat the amendment 25-24, the Senate voted 29-19 to reconsider it at a later time to keep it alive.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. John Eichelberger, R-Blair County, would have made it illegal for government to deduct union dues from state and school employees’ paychecks. The amendment offered on Monday narrowed that restriction to only ban governments from deducting money for unions that is used for political purposes while still allowing dues collection to support for general union operations.

2 thoughts on “If you live in PA, call your state reps

  1. If this law passes perhaps a union rep could travel around to every school and state building every payday and collect the dues personally from each of their members.
    While they are there maybe they can leave behind some literature and even sign up a few new recruits.
    Republicans are the stupidest people on the planet. And the most corrupt.

  2. If your pay is direct deposited like most peoples, those schools would need ATMs for someone to collect from the teachers.

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