When you’ve seen one Clinton scandal

Jeb Bush

You’ve seen them all. Paul Waldman from the Prospect explains the routine.

I’ve been saying for years: Give Democrats the fucking benefit of the doubt! Don’t assume the worst, don’t assess it by your “feelings.” Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the screaming scandal turns out to be a “never mind.”


I do think one of the problems is that the Clinton era was ‘way before the internet took off, and Dems not only couldn’t fight back effectively, we even swallowed the right wing narratives. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, right?

Not when it comes from the right-wing smoke machine. Pay attention, for Christ’s sake.

1. Jeb Bush releases (a carefully screened portion) of his own private emails from his own private server.
2. Two weeks later, his campaign does an oppo dump to the New York Times. The Times seemingly prints it verbatim, because it was really badly edited.
3. Media goes wild. “We KNEW IT!”
4. Dems say, “She broke the rules! She broke the rules!”

Rinse. Repeat.

Jesus. Stop falling for this crap. Look at the big picture. Even Obama, as bad as he is, was better than Mitt Romney. Put all that mental fury into the state races, where the Koch experiments continue unabated.