Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…


I had my “art show” at the Gun Show today and here is why I feel good about
doing so. I walked away with a little feeling of accomplishment. Maybe someone had to think outside of their comfort zone. Maybe?
People attending the Gun Show asked me questions about my being there and nothing about my paintings.
I never answered them when they said things like,”do you have permission to be here?” “you need to leave the premises!” A few curse words and names came my way of course.
Finally a man associated with EASTMAN GUN SHOWS came out to talk with me. He was polite and he told me that many people have complained that I am making them uncomfortable and that my paintings are offensive to them.
I thought to myself, My paintings offended a bunch of people coming to a civic center to look and buy guns and weapons. I’m glad I could make them uncomfortable. That was my goal. The Eastman Gun Shows and their customers make me uncomfortable and they offend me. I picked up my things and before I walked off I looked the man in the eyes and said, “it looks like y’all are making a lot of MONEY today.”.

Panhandle Slim…