A slice of New York history goes up in smoke

When an old building goes down, I feel it viscerally. I love the imagined history of every old place, and before you know it, we won’t have many left:

An explosion in Manhattan’s East Village on Thursday injured an estimated 25 people and destroyed a row of landmarked buildings that have held meaning for generations of New Yorkers. At one time the mayor’s residence was there, and another building housed an iconic vintage-clothing store made popular in the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan. “It’s a…

One thought on “A slice of New York history goes up in smoke

  1. Before I moved from NY to the West coast, I walked on or past that block well over a thousand times. A couple of good friends have lived around the corner for more than 50 years.

    Second Ave. (the Jewish Broadway) was a very desirable street because was bursting with commerce and was relatively close to the subway. Semi-impoverished people like me could only afford to live well to the east of there, a half-mile further from civilization and good transportation.

    The dining room in my mother-in-law’s retirement home in Los Angeles features a huge photo mural of that stretch of Second Ave., taken by one of the residents around 1945.

    It’s a very small world.

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