Poor oppressed Huckajesus


Big Gay has mobilized the forces of evil under the pretext of discrimination:

“It’s been manufactured by the left, just as was the war on women,” Huckabee said. “There was no war on women. The left has gotten very good on creating a crisis, something to divide the country, something to create this sense in which ‘we’ve got to go after these conservatives because they are trying to trample over our rights.’”

He added that the LGBT rights movement is like something out of George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”: “It is a classic example of — really a page out of ‘1984,’ when what things mean are the opposite of what they really are. And that’s what I’m seeing here is that in the name of tolerance, there’s intolerance. In the name of diversity, there’s uniformity. In the name of acceptance, there’s true discrimination.”

Perkins contended that gay people who are denied service by a business should simply try to find another shop that will serve them rather than filing a lawsuit against discriminatory business owners. “Where will it stop?” he asked Huckabee.

“It won’t stop until there are no more churches, until there are no more people who are spreading the Gospel,” Huckabee replied, “and I’m talking now about the unabridged, unapologetic Gospel that is really God’s truth.”

4 thoughts on “Poor oppressed Huckajesus

  1. Mike Huckabee said in the early 90s that homosexuality posed a dangerous public health threat and that they should “isolate carriers”, ie gay people, of HIV/AIDS. He just thinks we want to exterminate churches because he’s projecting his own desire to exterminate us. This guy is a psychopath.

  2. ^^^and this was well after it was known that HIV could not be spread through casual contact, so he wasn’t really thinking about “public health”.

  3. Jesus is too damn morally relative for the Huckbuster. He’s channeling the genocidal instincts of Jahweh.

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