Ha ha

endorse rand

Poor Rand. He’s not ready for prime time:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul launched his presidential campaign Tuesday complete with a page to endorse the new presidential candidate.

The endorsements are then presented on a map of the United States.

The people on the endorsement map, however, appear to be stock images from a Italian photographer Andrea Piacquadio who goes by the name Olly or Ollyy on stock image sites,and according to his Shutterstock page, is based in Germany.

2 thoughts on “Ha ha

  1. Okay now cut poor Rand some slack. He inadvertently posted in the pictures of the Medical Board that certified him as an ophthalmologist, and at least he didn’t plagiarize the verbal copy.

  2. Remember Rethugs create their own reality. True that’s the definition of psychotic . . .

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