Indictments near?

Chris Christie - Cluck Cluck

The Times says soon:

It has been falsely predicted many times in the last year, but now it seems to be true: The federal investigation into the lane closings at the George Washington Bridge appears to be coming to a head, with an announcement of indictments as early as next week.

In recent weeks, people close to the case say, federal investigators have interviewed members of the Borough Council in Fort Lee, N.J., the town gridlocked when its three lanes accessing the bridge were narrowed to one for several days in September 2013 — a move at first bewildering, and later revealed to be the result of orders from aides and allies of Gov. Chris Christie.

The interviews were said to be largely perfunctory, the kind of t-crossing that investigators would do before wrapping up.

Subpoenas have made it clear that the inquiry has gone beyond the lane closings to include possible conflicts of interest and bribery. But the United States attorney for New Jersey, Paul J. Fishman, has said little about it, beyond that any news reports purporting to say what he was doing were “most likely wrong.”

Thanks to Ocean City criminal lawyer Angie DiPietro.

2 thoughts on “Indictments near?

  1. When the indictments are announced we will be disappointed to find that the all together improbable defense of hiding behind the cones worked.

  2. Amerika’s Justus Department will never have the backbone to prosecute a highly ranked Repuke. Some schmuck from highway maintenance will take the rap.

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