Should a second cop be charged in Scott shooting?

“Morning Joe” pointed out there was another cop in the video. Slager initially said he had shot Scott during an altercation in which Scott had attempted to grab his stun gun. Video later revealed Slager shooting Scott in the back as the latter fled, and then placing what appeared to be his stun gun near Scott’s…

3 thoughts on “Should a second cop be charged in Scott shooting?

  1. Of course the other cop was an accomplice after the fact, and if it was a civilian he would have been charged as an accomplice to murder two seconds after the shooter. That was one thing I noticed the first time I saw the video.
    The 2nd cop was black. Of course if he had been white, Joe and Mika would not be calling for him to be indicted.
    He should be indicted, of course, because he is guilty as hell for going along with the cover up.
    I predict if he is charged, liberals will whine that it’s not fair that the law only gets enforced against blacks, which will annoy the shit out of me. Of course it’s not fair, but the remedy is not to let this bad cop off the hook but to start prosecuting *all* the other cops of every race who aid an abet these murderers (not to mention the dirty prosectors/DAs) and demanding firings up the chain for those who let this happen on their watches.

  2. I should add that half the reason I find the predictable liberal response in defense of the 2nd cop annoying is that it is the exact sort of response Joe and Mika are trolling for.

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