Scandal: Watch Scary Papa Pope Threaten Olivia Over B613 in "I'm Just a Bill" Sneak Peek

I was watching “Scandal” on my teevee last night, and there’s this scene where superwoman Olivia Pope is confronting the police captain who’s pulled in her client without arresting him or reading him his Miranda rights. She gives this rat-a-tat speech to the captain, along the lines of “my client is not standing here right now because that would be illegal and I think we can agree this never happened. Am I correct?”

It was exactly like the speech I gave a detective many years ago who interviewed my badly-confused and concussed teenage son without my knowledge or consent. I really let him have it, told all the reasons why it was illegal, and said the interview never happened. “Am I correct, Detective?” So when I heard this speech, I laughed.

My kid was jumped by a gang of kids and one of them slammed him in the head with a rock. Several things happened that led me to believe his assailant was being protected by the cops, and when I came home from work, my older son said, “Mom, some cop called here to talk to J. and it sounds like he was trying to make it sound like it was all his fault.” Which he was, because when I called him back, that’s what he tried to imply.

Just one of the many reasons I don’t trust cops.