He snapped

This happened in my neighborhood. I heard through neighbors that the kid was bi-racial, and his mother was embarrassed about it. So she wouldn’t let him out of his room. Very sad, even more maddening that the neighbors kept calling the cops and city agencies and nothing was done.

Do I think this kid should go to prison? Hell, no. If he goes to prison, the head of DHS should be right there with him.

And speaking of my neighborhood: Another dead body found.

2 thoughts on “He snapped

  1. A tragic and maddening story. I wonder how common patricide is.

    The mother and the authorities were far more culpable than the boy.
    She eventually reaped what she sowed, but where are the consequences for the DHS?

    Assuming that the kid stays out of prison, I wonder what kind of life he can piece together for himself.

  2. Not only the head of DHS, but also the Presidents, federal Congress members, mayors, Governors, various state Congressionals, and the ultimate villains the 1%’ers who cut funding for mental health and child protective services to the point that all the responsible agencies CAN do is ‘rarely’ answer the phone.

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