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I always think it’s funny when people lay claim to some “reality-based” world in response to stories like this. They’re very, very common (remember the recent one where rescuers of a baby heard a voice calling from a sunken car, “Help, help” when the mother was already dead?). And so-called “crisis apparitions” are the most commonly documented form of psychic phenomena. (It’s really funny to read the theories researchers come up with as they twist themselves in knots to explain them, too.) I’ll bet if you ask around in your own family, at least one person heard from a loved one who died — at the same time they were actually dying.

Just admit we don’t know or understand everything. Life is full of many mysterious miracles:

Scott Mayhew was working on a car inside his Utah garage Monday when it fell off the jack and onto his chest; trapped, he cried for help for an hour and a half to no avail. “He said he remembers he could barely breathe,” wife Nicole tells Fox 13. “He didn’t know what was going to happen.” What happened was that she came home, found him, called 911, and got a neighbor to help lift the vehicle using the jack. It’s the why she came home that’s remarkable: She was at work that morning and suddenly had a premonition. “I just said I need to go check on him working on the car, I just believe a spirit told me,” she says.

As she got to their Saratoga Springs home and heard her husband calling, she had a vision of what she’d find in the garage: “I thought, ‘it’s on him, it’’s got to be on him, the car,’ that’s what’s in my head, so I knew immediately,” she says. She found the 43-year-old father of five, who says he’d been praying for her to come home, under the Ford Explorer. Paramedics responded, and though responders were concerned about possible internal bleeding, Scott is expected to make a full recovery; he broke six ribs.

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  1. I believe receptive-minded people and young people are tuned in to these types of premonitions. My sister seems very sensitive and has had two striking premonitions that came to her in dreams that were about dogs. On her way to Turkey, she had a dream on the plane of a stray dog and sure enough the identical dog was waiting for her when she arrived at her vacation house. On another vacation to the Florida keys, she dreamed about a black three-legged dog and the next day saw it at the campsite as they drove on to one of the keys.

    She rescued the Anatolian shepherd mix…

  2. This is what’s always struck me as wrong about the scientific experiments done to examine telepathy, or whatever you want to call it. It’s always setups like “A person in one room is looking at a flash card of the alphabet. Someone in another room guesses what it is.”

    I’m bored just reading about it. I can’t imagine caring enough to even bother guessing if I was in the experiment. But in reported cases of telepathy, it’s always something the person cares about hugely. You can’t fake that. Which means telepathy studies have to be observational (like astronomy) not experimental (the classic lab rats running a maze). No, I have no idea how you’d design such a study to be valid, but that doesn’t change the point that it’s the only kind that even could work.

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