One thought on “Andrew Cuomo does something right

  1. I used to work in a store in a strip mall that was next to a beauty salon and two doors down from a dry cleaner.
    I don’t know which smells were worse or more sickening. I just find it incredible that people will work *inside* those places, or that people will wear clothes that reek of chemicals for days or weeks, or subject themselves to all the chemicals in hair and nail products. I seriously wanted to quit that job long before I did just on that account.
    Those businesses account for some of the most significant exposures to toxic chemicals that people face, and they just brush it off as if it was nothing, or as if so called beauty was worth the health risk, or pretend that if it was dangerous, someone in the government would stop it. And they had that version of reality long before the advent of cable TV, so I can’t even blame that on the usual suspects.
    I wonder if any of the Jews and others entering the gas chambers actually believed that they were going to get a nice hot shower after that long ride crammed into cattle cars. Just how powerful is denial?

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