3 thoughts on “Salute to the King of the Blues, B. B. King, in Memphis…

  1. With BB King gone, with the exception of the occasional busker (which the cops run off), Blues is all but extinct on Beale Street. When I moved down here, to Armpit, TN, I was excited to get down there, and listen to some REAL Blues. I honestly, and mistakenly thought that Memphis, being the supposed HOME of the Blues would celebrate that, and Blues would be the dominant music blaring from every bar on the block.

    I was sadly, and sorely mistaken. Not even during the Memphis In May Music Celebration– no Blues.

    And BB’s Bar on Beale? You can always get a seat– not busy, never a queue. Chances are you’ll sit there for hours before the wait staff bothers to show up. I have never once actually been served there, and end up walking out.

    When friends come down, and want me to take them to Beale Street, I tell them not to waste their time and money, that I’ll gladly cook them a fine slab of dry rub low and slow ribs, and crank up my Blues collection, but there’s nothing on Beale worth spending the time or money to see.

    Rendezvous boils their ribs to start– they are crap.

    I end up just giving them directions.

    Still and all, the world is a sadder place without BB King in it.

  2. Try being black in Amerikkka for a day or two. You won’t miss the
    Blues that “The Great Blues Boy” sang about, you’ll feel it, bleed it, live it!

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