The NYT deigns to mention dark money behind Walker

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin at Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, OK May 2015 by Michael Vadon


Soon, Mr. Walker began talking with Mr. Grebe and other advisers about the White House. As he started making visits over the winter to national conservative conferences, as well as early nominating states like Iowa and New Hampshire, he made Act 10 a centerpiece of his stump speech.

David Koch offered an opinion at a recent private gathering that Mr. Walker was the favorite for the Republican nomination. And Mr. Walker’s old allies are hungry once more for a leader who will go to extremes, this time as president.

Last week, Mr. Grebe and the board of the Bradley Foundation gathered again, this time at the Kennedy Center in Washington. George F. Will, the conservative columnist and a foundation board member, served as M.C., warming up the crowd by joking that, just as Republicans promised “a chicken for every pot” during Herbert Hoover’s 1928 presidential bid, Hillary Rodham Clinton would deliver a private email server to every home.

“Strong American leadership will return,” said Jack Keane, a retired general and a recipient that night of a $250,000 Bradley Prize for innovative achievement. “We are one leader away.”

General Keane did not put a name to that leader. But Mr. Grebe surely had his friend in mind; he had said by phone earlier that Mr. Walker would make “a very good president” and had a “decent chance to get the nomination.”

But in his speech, Mr. Grebe did not mention Mr. Walker, just the conservative forces that wanted big, bold change. “In recent years at the Bradley Foundation, we’ve placed even greater emphasis on collaboration with other like-minded foundations and donors,” Mr. Grebe said in a video presentation as symphonic music soared in a crescendo. “We believe that through that collaboration, together we can help change the world.”

As usual, Republican overreach. What they don’t mention is, Walker run the recall effort mostly by appealing to voters that the recall process itself was “unfair,” not because the public strongly supported his anti-union campaign.

They seem to have left out the part where Walker stole a judicial election to prevent himself from being indicted. If Scott Walker is the GOP candidate, we are going to have one hell of a rumble with the forces behind David Koch’s pool boy.

H/t David Benowitz, Maryland Federal Criminal Lawyer.