3 thoughts on “Fast track goes down

  1. They got defeated in the Senate and the next day the carried the Senate. This is not going away until that monster gets what he wants.

  2. Just relaying what I read elsewhere. The fast track component actually passed by eight votes. The companion measure which Boehner couldn’t resist poison pilling by paying with Medicare offsets got buried by two hundred votes. All they would appear to have to do is relocate the offset and this thing passes.

  3. It’s very confusing. I think the TPP passed by 28 votes not, 8. The 8 vote thing was before the other votes and I think it was on something procedural that actually allowed the rest of it to come up for votes.
    So my congress critter, Blumenauer (D Portland), the snake with the giveaway bow tie that is a sure sign of a creep, was one of the 8. And 4 our of the 5 Oregon reps voted to pass TPP (so 3 out of those 28 were from the Portland area, basically the Nike delegation in Congress).
    Krugman’s blog had a great smackdown on the village reaction to the votes. I love his term “Davos Democrat” for he clintonista/new dem/limousine liberal arm of the party. I will be adding it to my ready insult vocabulary very soon. I might just have to call all those Oregon reps’ offices just so I can use it on them, or their staff minions (i.e. future lobbyist assholes).

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