Covering Bernie Sanders

This is a problem. They aren’t getting much press coverage, and if they’re not getting press coverage, what do I link to? Also, photos. I contacted someone at the campaign asking that they dump some pictures into Flickr, and was told to get them from Google.

This wasn’t that helpful, because most big sites now use the Flickr app that searches for content licensed for public use. So yeah, I can search Google instead and find some licensed photos — but it takes about three times as long. With the app, I simply search for the photo and click a button. Much easier, much faster. (As you know, I’m working several jobs.)

Anyway, if I don’t have as many Sanders stories as I do Clinton stories, it’s because 1) mainstream media is treating him as a joke and they’re not doing their job and 2) his campaign is not making it easy. (However, I do find a lot of videos.)

If you see a good Sanders story, by all means, send it to me or leave it in the contents.

3 thoughts on “Covering Bernie Sanders

  1. Susie, if you go here you can specify how restrictive a license you want (it’s set by default to allow commercial use and modifications, but you can uncheck those and get more images), and you can select which search to use (Google Images, Flickr, Wikimedia, etc.).

    The odd thing is, once you search GoogImages coming into it that way, the option to select by license remains at the top of the thumbnail results. But if you just search Goog and go to Images, you don’t get that option without logging in.

    Don’t know if that helps, since it’s not an app and fairly old school, but just thought I’d mention it.

  2. Yeah, that’s what the Sanders campaign referred me to. Honestly, if you want media coverage, you should meet the needs of the media, not tell them to adapt to yours. It’s so quick and easy the other way.

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