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  1. Well, we know that G*d rewarded David, despite breaking several commandments (adultery with Bathsheba, ordering the death of Uriah). Instead of cursing his family for four generations, Solomon, one of their sons, became King of Israel. This must be the Biblical example that the woman wants all Xtians to follow. OTOH, maybe IOOKIYTK (it’s only OK if you’re the King), in which case, G*d must have blessed Bill Clinton.

  2. What is it about Christian extremists that can’t handle people that don’t believe the exact same things they do? Never heard of the notion of giving to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s and giving to god what is god’s. It may not be Armageddon but for her apparently it is the end of the world for her. Maybe she should rapture herself via whatever the hell she’s been drinking or taking from her medicine cabinet.

  3. I wonder if there a listing for this pathology in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. She does pray that Jew forgive us, lord. That Jew accept him as lord and saviour. She needs Jew.

  4. Why waste bandwidth on this inconsequential and relatively harmless woman?
    (I don’t think she’s the type to go around shooting off firearms.)
    She’s sorta like Sarah or Bristol Palin, but without a following or a soapbox (unless you give her one, like this.)

    It’s the persons in positions of power that we should be worried about.

  5. I think the opposite of leaving these “harmless” people alone and saving your powder for those in power. These *are* the people that put those shitstains in power, without whom the shitstains would have no power, and these “harmless” people should be shouted down and ridiculed mercilessly at every turn.
    Izquierdo reminds me of those gays that thinks that Tom Cruise or whoever else they regard as having political or cultural power should come out and pave the way for gay equality, meanwhile they are too chickenshit to come out to their families and coworkers or confront antigay attitudes among their friends.
    When gays started coming out to family and coworkers and straight friends that’s when things started to change because the bigots (many of whom considered themselves liberal) got challenged. When I was young in teh 70s and 80s, most “out” men were only out in the sense that they went to the nearest geighborhoods on weekends to party, and society with their churches pretty much turned its back on us when we started dying in droves.
    Meanwhile women, with their numerical majority, have been losing ground on a treadmill for the last 30 years just hoping that someone will do the right thing and maybe keep enough liberals on the Supreme Court to hold onto some shred of abortion rights.
    Where are the legislative initiatives to make abortion more available and safer from terrorism? The only time I ever hear about abortion rights is during judicial confirmation procedings, or elections that might affect those. Meanwhile a huge number of women bite their tongues at the Thanksgiving dinner so as not to offend their asshole uncle or brother in law (who have no hesitation in offering offense), or they even adopt their asshole husband’s political views because they are such cowards they can’t even think for them selves (hi, mom, if you are reading this).

  6. Very sad – it’s a good guess she’s got some substance abuse issue there.

    As for addressing people like this – hard to know where to start with this woman. I once told a gathering that including me, Mom and three aunts that I was atheist. I got the pity treatment and the offer they’d pray for me. Very patronizing but that was not the time to debate the issue.

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