Someone here in Philly took this with his cell phone. That is some weird-looking thing, isn’t it? What do you think it is?

The video, which has more than 1.2 million views, was shot by Philadelphia resident Hector Garcia, who describes a “cloud with sparkling lights in it” behaving like something he’s never seen before. If you don’t have great eyes, be sure to zoom in on the video to see the cloud shimmer. That’s what’s really strange about it. Did a chunk of cloud with a volatile electric field break off and have its own little storm of the century?

It could easily be CGI, but Garcia speaks so disinterestedly in the video that it’s hard to imagine him going to the trouble. Some have suggested it’s a large plastic bag or some kind of foam.

Nobody seems to know, but if nobody cares either, don’t say you weren’t warned. Whatever it was, look out for extraterrestrials and have your phones ready.

3 thoughts on “UFO

  1. If I was young and reckless, I would buy a consumer drone and outfit it with some twinkly dangles of Xmas lights and only fly it when visibility was poor enough to make recognition impossible. Could make for hours of fun.

  2. Not CGI, even Saran-wrap thin plastic that big wouldn’t float without a LOT more wind, too translucent for a drone in X-mas lights you’d see the body of the vehicle and the draft from rotors would disturb the sparkly covering, I vote for a blob of foam. Sparkles would be individual bubbles glinting in sunlight . . . Or it’s an inter-dimensional being looking for human victims with a particular set of brain wave patterns . . . or, or an inter-planetary semen packet that’s been traveling through space for eons . . . or, or , or

  3. Maybe, Ron, it’s the semen brain packet looking to restock the Earth with smarter white folks, ones who’ll invade the world without guns, have common respect for people of all colors and ethnicities, have compassion for the less fortunate, understand that climate change is real, release the guilt of slavery and spread that notion of release around the world! Nirvana, Nirvana will save the world and will come when all the Great Phophets return, including Jesus, Budda, and Mohammed.

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