The new civil war

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Police in Douglasville, Georgia, were investigating an incident that occurred Saturday where a group of trucks, each bearing Confederate flags, drove by the birthday party of a black child. The trucks’ passengers were reportedly armed and using racial epithets, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The encounter was recorded in at least two cell phone videos.

The Douglasville Police Department said in a statement to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that it had been alerted to the trucks and that its officers initially followed them but eventually stopped. Later, the police were called to an area where an argument between members of the convoy and people from the birthday party had grown heated. Police said it was examining the video footage for possible criminal activity.

“This is a child’s birthday party,” a female voice can be heard calling in the footage as the trucks rolled by. Another female voice cried, “That is a threat!” One woman appeared to be furious, screaming unintelligibly and stomping her feet at one point.

The video showed at least four trucks, each bearing multiple Confederate flags and American flags. Much of the audio is unclear, but in one of the videos, the N-word is audible, and one woman said that the passengers had threatened to “kill y’all [N-word],” the Atlanta paper reported.

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4 thoughts on “The new civil war

  1. I live in the county next to Douglas County – I have relatives who live in Douglasville – albeit classier than these yahoos they are nonetheless quite bigoted. It’s just really really sad to see this. These are the yahoos who ousted our last Democratic governor here in Georgia all over the fact we were taking the stars and bars off the state flag.

    I just don’t understand how these cretins keep themselves locked in their ignorant backwoods bubble – they’re 45 minutes west of Atlanta.

  2. I live in Fairburn, just south of the airport. This type of shit is really nothing new here. I’m black, poor and struggling to survive like everyone else. The idiots who did this are the same nutjobs who shoot up movie theatres and military recruiting offices—-it’s all part of “taking our country back”. Also, we’ve got a group of politicians around the country who help foster this bullshit!

  3. Listen, I know people like this in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. They’re the kind of people who brag they haven’t been to the city since they were in high school! When people live in a closed world, they panic when anything threatens it.

  4. Yeah, you listen Susie……………….
    A black kid’s birthday party is a real threat, isn’t it? Besides, the yahoos in Douglasville were out of their comfort zone. Most folks in that county are sane folks, equally mixed racially, although it has become increasingly mixed with more people of color over the years. I’ve lived in the Atlanta area for almost 40 years and I know that the assholes who invaded the party should have been arrested!

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