Conservatives respect women!

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All you have to do is listen to them:

Members of the Perry County District school board, located in Perryville, Missouri, voted 4-3 in favor of asking for fellow board member, Mark Gremaud’s resignation.

The vote came about as the result of Gremaud’s comments, directed toward a female board member, Kathy Carron, during an earlier school board meeting.

“Kathy, you are just a woman, the only thing you know is laying on your back with your legs in the air splayed.”

According to KFVS, dozens of parents and teachers attended the special board meeting, many of them to show support for Gremaud.

As male board member Jeff Weilbrecht spoke in defense of Gremaud, calling the response to the comment “petty,” KFVS reports that half of the people in attendance applauded.

“I’m not saying Mark Gremaud is the perfect board member, I’m not saying I’m one either. I do ask that the rest of us stop and put our petty differences aside once and act like adults and accept that we have differences,” Weilbrecht said.

Differences? As in the male members of the school board believe that the female members should stay in the bedroom, where they belong? Or possibly as in the male members believe that they can degrade and insult their female colleagues if they feel like it, and their female colleagues disagree?

Weilbrecht went on to praise his male colleague for all the good work he’s said to have done for the school, even helping out when they needed a bus driver and stuff. Apparently in his mind that means the comment should just be ignored.

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  1. As a culture we raise our male children as though they’re very special snowflakes and it’s hard – for many women as well as men – to judge a man in the way they would a woman. Intersect race with that and it just gets much much worse.

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