On the cover of the Rolling Stone

Donald Trump Picking Nits

Everybody wants a piece of Donald Trump. After lending his unmistakable face to the cover of Time magazine and the Hollywood Reporter this month, the mogul-turned-presidential candidate is reportedly set to grace the front of Rolling Stone. Despite the magazine’s penchant for Democrats, the GOP front-runner will appear on the magazine’s cover in early September, CNN…

2 thoughts on “On the cover of the Rolling Stone

  1. Trump is clickbait. Of course he’s all over everywhere.

    Sadly, that doesn’t mean he can’t use that for his own ends.

    Maybe we need to have a monetary requirement to run for Prez, as well as a native birth requirement (and, apparently, a phallus requirement). Anybody with more in total income and assets than the modal value for the country can’t run for public office. Not even dogcatcher.

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