I have no way of knowing if any of the stuff in this video was rigged, but I used to babysit in a haunted house. The first night I babysat, the kids were asleep when I got there. After about an hour, I heard one of the kids walking around, but presumably went back to sleep. When the parents came home, they asked how everything was. “Whichever kid sleeps in this room was up and walking around,” I said, pointing to where I heard the footsteps. The mom smiled. “That’s my sewing room,” she said. “No one sleeps there.” She told me they thought it was haunted by the woman who used to live there.

They had one of those big hi-fi furniture pieces, and whenever anyone would turn on the local rock and roll station, the ghost would turn down the volume. Sometimes she would even switch the channel to an easy-listening station!

One night, I was sitting on the couch, watching TV. A window on the wall of the stairway, the kind that swings out, just… opened. Then closed. Right there, with no one anywhere near it. I was frozen. But after a while, when nothing else happened, I went back to watching TV.