Why angry women lose influence in arguments

Emotional portrait of a frustrated woman against dark background
Emotional portrait of a frustrated woman against dark background

Go ahead, ask any woman you know what it’s like to be dismissed out of hand.

When a woman loses her cool and gets angry during an argument, she’s often dismissed as emotional and irrational — terms that only females tend to get labelled. When males express anger, on the other hand, their expressions are often seen as intimidating and influential. A new study examines why female anger is dismissed far too…

5 thoughts on “Why angry women lose influence in arguments

  1. I don’t know about where you work but I work in a female dominated organization. Female bosses on average are a lot easier to work with than males(good old boy conservatives are the worst). But in many ways a female dominated workplace is just as toxic as a male one, the oppression is just a lot more covert and insidious. Any expression of anger is verboten, even if it is just blowing off steam. And any criticism is punished, no matter how carefully you phrase it. If you don’t use inappropriate language, the they get you for your “tone” which is pretty much a catch all for anything they don’t want to hear, or anything they don’t want you to say about them to someone else. So even the men have to start playing by their mean girl mind games on each other, rather than the Google ole boy rules we had to play by a generation ago

  2. Correct, Susie. Female sexism is just as bad as male sexism. Women don’t need to learn a thing in order to play their type of sexist games. It comes naturally. This study is flawed and its conclusions are biased.

  3. There is no such thing as “female sexism.” There is only sexism, and it’s steeped into all corners of society. Saying things “come naturally” is missing the entire point.

  4. I’m not sure how my female dominated workplace counts as sexist. It is about 70% female, so basically they set the rules. If men play by those rules and get in the right cliques, they might have a disadvantage, but I don’t know that there is overt discrimination, and some guys do fine . A good boss is a good boss no matter what sex. But toxic female bosses are very different from toxic male bosses.
    I think part of the reason angry women will lose influence is that it contradicts the rules of female behavior. Women show anger more subtly,so when you see the signs you have to figure she is a lot angrier than a man showing the same signs. If she is really angry, most people just assume she’s lost it. And those norms of female behavior are set and enforced at least as much by women as by men, starting with mommies, who for instance may never beat their sons because that is not ladylike, but then they sic daddy on their kid because they think boys need that extra nastiness only daddy can deliver

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