My car was totaled

car wreck

I was driving down the street yesterday when someone rammed into me, sent my little Subie into a tailspin, and I slammed into the concrete underpass of I-95. (Aren’t you glad I’m not dead? I am!)

The driver of the other car peeled rubber and took off.

My car is totaled. (The rear axle’s gone.) I have a sprained hand and thumb, and blunt chest trauma from when I slammed into the steering wheel, but nothing’s broken. (Airbags did not deploy!) It hurts a lot, especially when I hiccup — it feels like someone’s stabbing me in the chest. And it is a real challenge to open a child-proof cap. I finally figured out I have to put it on a table and lean on the cap with my good hand to open it.

And it took me about 30 minutes to turn myself over to get out of bed this morning. It reminded me of when I had shingles.

The tow truck driver shook his head and said, “Good thing you were driving a Subaru.” (Just like the commercial: “They lived!”)

Anyway: I have no collision insurance, I was too poor to get it. So no insurance check. My only option is the crowd. I’m asking everyone to spare whatever you can. (You can pick GoFundMe or Paypal.) Thanks!

P.S. Blogging will be minimal until the worst of the pain passes.

9 thoughts on “My car was totaled

  1. So sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully they will be able to catch the culprit. Best wishes for your recovery–relax, be calm, heal.

  2. Well fuck. As long as you’re ok. You have anyone to bring you groceries while you’re quasi-mobile??

  3. Yooge bummer.
    But it’s good to see that your readers are kicking in.
    (And also that there’s an alternative to Pay Pal, which I refuse to use because it has never worked properly.)

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