Post-trauma update

What a week.

My hand and sternum are still really sore, and I suspect I have a tiny little concussion. I’m disoriented and it’s difficult to focus; plus, I keep typing the wrong words. So there’s that.

Yesterday I hitched a ride to the orthopedist about my knee, and then my neighbor gave me a ride to the auto tag agency to transfer the title on the new car. Things were made more complicated by the cop who kept my old driver’s license, but I’m getting a new one this weekend.

This is my “new” old Subaru. My mechanic promises by the time he’s done, it will be like driving a brand new car:

new subie

People donated enough money that I could just go out and buy a better car, but a friend was trying to sell this one and I decided it made more sense to have my mechanic replace everything in his, because it already needed a new head gasket. (Sooner or later, most old Subies need a new head gasket. This way, I knew I’d be starting out with a good one.) He’s also going to rebuild the front end, check the trans and replace the exhaust, so he’ll pretty much hand me a car in perfect mechanical condition.

And he’s going to use the battery, the stereo system, and anything else he can salvage from my totaled car, which makes me happy. Kind of like when someone dies, and you donate their organs!