I can’t believe I forgot it was on

The Kansas City Royal come from behind in the ninth inning to beat the Mets and win the World Series! (I’m so old, I remember when the Phillies used to play heartstopping post-season games like that!) Congrats, KC!

NEW YORK — The legend of the 2015 Kansas City Royals came to a full and insane completion here at Citi Field on Sunday night as the team from Missouri did a “Show Me” tap dance on the heads and hearts of every New York Mets fan in the fifth and ultimately final game of the 111th World Series.

The Royals are baseball’s champs for the first time in 30 years, 7-2 in 12 innings. But that number “111” may actually be more appropriate than any final score or time between titles. Apparently, that’s the number of times you have to kill the Royals to keep them dead. Otherwise, it’s just Halloween every day of the postseason until the last soul-scorching defeat they inflict on a merely mortal foe.

The Mets will tell their grandchildren to the end of their days, “Turn off that damn horror movie! No more ‘Night of the Living Dead.’ It seems too real. I had to play the Undead Royals in the World Series!”

Perhaps you need a sense of baseball odds to grasp the near impossibility of a team having eight come-from-behind wins in its 11 road-to-a-title victories, including seven comebacks from two-or-more runs behind. Nah, you get it.

What the Royals did to the team with the superhero nicknames for its stars was right out of a comic book with capitalized captions: Stomp, Crunch, CRASH!!!

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